Old problems​/​Discretions split 7" TD​-​002

by Trends Die Records

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TD- 002 500 press 100 coke bottle clear 100 opaque violet
Two bands from Texas that will make you feel.


released July 21, 2013



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Trends Die Records San Antonio, Texas

Trends Die records is a local record label in san antonio, texas. We cater to what we love. Look out for plenty of more releases.

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Track Name: Old problems - Bottle kids
"bottle kids"
This taste of stale blood still in my mouth brings me back to when things first went south. What's the point in anything? Nothing lasts forever when promises always break so easily. I can't mislead myself another day longer, a year without you has made me anything but stronger. You'd always tell me not to rely on you to be happy, but your heart still refuses to give me back me. I'll gouge out my eyes in hopes they forget the warmth you once gave them. This taste of stale blood still in my mouth brings me back to when things first went south. I don't want to fill another page with everything that we've been through. This past year has been hell, and this is what my life has come to.
Track Name: Old Problems - Sweet chin music
"sweet chin music"
I don't know how I can control this increasing hole in my gut. When I sigh more than I speak it's hard to find the joy in anything. No matter how many miles I put between us the memories are still there with all the childish bull shit that made you leave before. I started strong out of the gate, but I lost myself along the way. Erase these fresh feelings from my head, erase every fucking letter you've still never read. I reach out across the bed but you're not there. I ask myself, why did I wake up alive? I hate myself and I owe that to you.